Long breaks….

I tend to hyperfocus, shifting my laser-like beam on one topic or project, before abandoning it for something else.  I circle around like this, always trying harder to take small bites of more things rather than wolfing an entire project to the exclusion of, well, everything else.  A few of my recent endeavors are below…

Turned some curtains and an old bedskirt from my sister into a skirt.

Made a jungle in my living room.

And then promptly moved it all to put up another kind of tree.
2014-11-23 01.18.51

Apologies for crappy cell phone photos, but I’m lucky I remember to brush my hair some days, never mind using the fancy schmancy camera.

Hopefully I can post more frequently. Like, post at all, from now on.  We’ll see, I kinda stink at being consistent.

3 thoughts on “Long breaks….”

  1. Hi. Welcome back. I found that coming up with a blog schedule of sorts has helped me focus on the projects I want to get done. I started working backwards and it seems to be the trick for me. Good luck and hopefully you'll post sooner than six months from now…hahahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Schedules are fun to make, fun to write, and fun to see all prettied up and laminated……It's the *doing it* part that causes me problems! 🙂 Maybe a certain sister could occasionally remind me to post something….? Although just reading all your stuff has helped! Plus, I finally got Live Writer to work again. WTF, over.

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