Hello again! Spring is here!

Hello again!!!  Guess what?  Spring is here!  Flowers and trees have color all of a sudden and we’ve had some sunny days and warmer temperatures here in Cleveland.  Then we had snow.  This is normal.  Horrible, through-the-window-screen photo warning:


I am happy to finally put up another post!  As always, my sister Rosy is my blogging inspiration.  She made the switch over to WordPress from Blogger recently and convinced me to do so as well.  She did not try to do this, I just copied her–LOL–and it has spurred me to write some more.

I will be adding a little store to my new website so more people can benefit from the exacting standards my sister requires of the crafty things I create for her.  It will include special occasion cards, card sets, custom dividers for binders and for boxes (like these-scroll down), upcycled clothing made from vintage fabrics, zippered pouches of many sizes, and much, much more.  Maybe not all at once, though!! I will also be taking a few custom orders, when time allows.

I will also soon be updating our homeschooling curriculum and I plan to post about it, as well.  Our school district extended their new dual enrollment program to homeschooling families and we hope to take advantage of that this year.  We have discovered that just as we settle into a homeschooling comfort zone, something changes and forces us to re-evaluate…Over and over and over again. :/

I’m trying hard to keep up with posts, but have not yet found my groove.  A lot has been going on personally (Rosy already posted about the major one) and my mind is even more scattered than usual.  I appreciate your patience and I hope to have more for you soon, another chance to say hello again!

4 thoughts on “Hello again! Spring is here!”

  1. I love your Abbey life… You are such and interesting person and a inspiration… Love you always… Holly from “Hollysworld”!! Lol

  2. You’re back!!! Yay!!! We started spring back in January here in Phoenix and now we’re entering the hell season. Can’t wait to see more posts from you!

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