My JMAL Etsy shop has new listings!

I just added a couple new things to my Etsy shop!

I picked up these washi tape samplers from the new Recollections brand planner washi boxes at Michaels because, well, I can, and they’re really nice! Washi is so hard to see well on rolls, so I was a little hesitant to buy both boxes.  I figured I could probably split up the boxes between me, my friends, and my family (I know a lot of planner people! LOL)…Who am I kidding, though, because I knew I’d end up keeping aaaaaalllllll the washi.


2016-06-14 01.11.14

No, I don’t have a problem, uh-uh, no way. *sticks fingers in ears* la la la la la la la la la

As a result of my attempt to acknowledge that I have a problem (NO I DON’T!!), I made up these samplers so I can at least *share* my bounty.

The seasonal sampler has (48) 12″-14″ strips (almost 19 yards).

The colorful sampler has (48) 18″-20″ strips (almost 27 yards).

Roy G Biv 5

These are limited quantity, therefore you should buy them soon!

Getting my act together

I’ve totally been getting my act together!  Ok, so maybe just a little….I have been busy finishing various projects and pestering Remy to take pictures of them, so I can add some fun stuff to my store!  I already added box & drawer dividers, and up next will be perpetual daily journaling calendars, sets of handmade cards, and custom listings for upcycled summer dresses.  As I head back to my craft room to continue working, I leave you a teaser….


Hello again! Spring is here!

Hello again!!!  Guess what?  Spring is here!  Flowers and trees have color all of a sudden and we’ve had some sunny days and warmer temperatures here in Cleveland.  Then we had snow.  This is normal.  Horrible, through-the-window-screen photo warning:


I am happy to finally put up another post!  As always, my sister Rosy is my blogging inspiration.  She made the switch over to WordPress from Blogger recently and convinced me to do so as well.  She did not try to do this, I just copied her–LOL–and it has spurred me to write some more.

I will be adding a little store to my new website so more people can benefit from the exacting standards my sister requires of the crafty things I create for her.  It will include special occasion cards, card sets, custom dividers for binders and for boxes (like these-scroll down), upcycled clothing made from vintage fabrics, zippered pouches of many sizes, and much, much more.  Maybe not all at once, though!! I will also be taking a few custom orders, when time allows.

I will also soon be updating our homeschooling curriculum and I plan to post about it, as well.  Our school district extended their new dual enrollment program to homeschooling families and we hope to take advantage of that this year.  We have discovered that just as we settle into a homeschooling comfort zone, something changes and forces us to re-evaluate…Over and over and over again. :/

I’m trying hard to keep up with posts, but have not yet found my groove.  A lot has been going on personally (Rosy already posted about the major one) and my mind is even more scattered than usual.  I appreciate your patience and I hope to have more for you soon, another chance to say hello again!

A new venture

I am now officially accepting requests for unique, handmade items and for services needed.  I can do lots of different things, as you can see by the list below.  I offer an in-between option for folks who do not want or cannot afford high-priced professionals but still don’t want to do it yourself.  I am like your virtual big sister that you can call upon to rescue you in a pinch!  I am not limited to the items listed, just ASK ME!!

My awesome sister

I gotta say, I have the best sister ever.  I mean, look at her!!


Doesn’t she just make you grin?!?!

She has a laid back cat, Georgia:

And she has a Jim:

And I have her!  She really *gets* me and all my idiotic neuroses.  She found me what has got to be the perfect job for me, short of somebody giving me money because I’m me.  We take turns venting, listening, supporting, and sometimes scolding each other.  We’re pretty sure we share a single source of energy and mojo between the two of us–if I’m getting shiznit done, she’s not.  And the reverse.  She is an incredible aunt to Remy, she works hard to better herself, and is *entirely* too tough on herself.

She understands the allure of brand new office supplies.

Not much room for improvement there, I’d say.  She’d say different, but it’d be malarkey.

She has a blog.  Go read it.  Follow her.  You’ll thank me later.

Ladies and gentlemen, my sister Rosy.

Long breaks….

I tend to hyperfocus, shifting my laser-like beam on one topic or project, before abandoning it for something else.  I circle around like this, always trying harder to take small bites of more things rather than wolfing an entire project to the exclusion of, well, everything else.  A few of my recent endeavors are below…

Turned some curtains and an old bedskirt from my sister into a skirt.

Made a jungle in my living room.

And then promptly moved it all to put up another kind of tree.
2014-11-23 01.18.51

Apologies for crappy cell phone photos, but I’m lucky I remember to brush my hair some days, never mind using the fancy schmancy camera.

Hopefully I can post more frequently. Like, post at all, from now on.  We’ll see, I kinda stink at being consistent.