My JMAL Etsy shop has new listings!

I just added a couple new things to my Etsy shop!

I picked up these washi tape samplers from the new Recollections brand planner washi boxes at Michaels because, well, I can, and they’re really nice! Washi is so hard to see well on rolls, so I was a little hesitant to buy both boxes.  I figured I could probably split up the boxes between me, my friends, and my family (I know a lot of planner people! LOL)…Who am I kidding, though, because I knew I’d end up keeping aaaaaalllllll the washi.


2016-06-14 01.11.14

No, I don’t have a problem, uh-uh, no way. *sticks fingers in ears* la la la la la la la la la

As a result of my attempt to acknowledge that I have a problem (NO I DON’T!!), I made up these samplers so I can at least *share* my bounty.

The seasonal sampler has (48) 12″-14″ strips (almost 19 yards).

The colorful sampler has (48) 18″-20″ strips (almost 27 yards).

Roy G Biv 5

These are limited quantity, therefore you should buy them soon!

Getting my act together

I’ve totally been getting my act together!  Ok, so maybe just a little….I have been busy finishing various projects and pestering Remy to take pictures of them, so I can add some fun stuff to my store!  I already added box & drawer dividers, and up next will be perpetual daily journaling calendars, sets of handmade cards, and custom listings for upcycled summer dresses.  As I head back to my craft room to continue working, I leave you a teaser….


A new venture

I am now officially accepting requests for unique, handmade items and for services needed.  I can do lots of different things, as you can see by the list below.  I offer an in-between option for folks who do not want or cannot afford high-priced professionals but still don’t want to do it yourself.  I am like your virtual big sister that you can call upon to rescue you in a pinch!  I am not limited to the items listed, just ASK ME!!

Craft stuff

Something I have always loved is expressing my ideas in creative ways.  I get ideas mostly from Pinterest now, but store displays, library books, and requests have lead to some interesting projects.

My sister tends to get overwhelmed by choices in craft stores, but I LOVE them!  I am VERY lucky in that I have an entire room I can devote to crafting (I’d rather fill it with more kids, but that’s not likely to happen at this stage).  This room has, of course, been made over many times, in many teeny ways.  I am always on the lookout for the perfect layout and organization for the room as a whole, but certain features really limit me, as well as the sheer volume of supplies.

Part of the problem is that I enjoy lots of different crafts, including but not limited to:

sewing clothing and accessories
polymer clay crafts
simple jewelry making
mixed media crafts

Remy has picked up many of these interests during homeschool art times, as well as adding his own–he enjoys origami, paper airplanes, painting (with Bob Ross, no less!), and quilling.

I also facilitate small group activities with children & developmentally disabled adults.  We usually craft using perler beads, sun catchers, latch hook sets, plaster of paris, felt, paper, stickers, colored pencils, markers, glitter glue, pony beads, and many other items.
SO, knowing all that, this is what the poor room looks like right now (excuse poor photography, NOT my strong suit):

When entering the room, this is immediately to your left.

As you scan right, this is the bulk of the room, classy sheet curtain and all.

And the far right, where I sit as I type this 🙂
It needs tons of work, but it is REAL.  No magazine layouts, no Martha.  I am planning to replace the black shelves and the plastic drawers with these Cubeicals from Target.

They are larger versions of the small white ones you see on both desks (with the colorful fabric drawers in them).

 I also need to clean.  Instead, I wrote a post about it.  Ha!