A new venture

I am now officially accepting requests for unique, handmade items and for services needed.  I can do lots of different things, as you can see by the list below.  I offer an in-between option for folks who do not want or cannot afford high-priced professionals but still don’t want to do it yourself.  I am like your virtual big sister that you can call upon to rescue you in a pinch!  I am not limited to the items listed, just ASK ME!!

My awesome sister

I gotta say, I have the best sister ever.  I mean, look at her!!


Doesn’t she just make you grin?!?!

She has a laid back cat, Georgia:

And she has a Jim:

And I have her!  She really *gets* me and all my idiotic neuroses.  She found me what has got to be the perfect job for me, short of somebody giving me money because I’m me.  We take turns venting, listening, supporting, and sometimes scolding each other.  We’re pretty sure we share a single source of energy and mojo between the two of us–if I’m getting shiznit done, she’s not.  And the reverse.  She is an incredible aunt to Remy, she works hard to better herself, and is *entirely* too tough on herself.

She understands the allure of brand new office supplies.

Not much room for improvement there, I’d say.  She’d say different, but it’d be malarkey.

She has a blog.  Go read it.  Follow her.  You’ll thank me later.

Ladies and gentlemen, my sister Rosy.